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CD review by Dave Jones for Folk Northwest magazine.

The South Wales based duo, Huw Chidgey and Catherine Handley, have been performing together for over three years. While Chidgey is a long time singer and guitarist associated with the folk scene for many years, Handley's background is more classical with her specialist instrument being the flute. "A Journey" is a follow up to "In the Tradition", their debut CD. Although there are some similarities in the choice of song, the bias on this CD edges towards modern contemporary songs balanced with some traditional tunes and arrangements.

It's a brave person who takes on what have become two of the most potent, widely performed and recorded songs on the folk circuit. Firstly, we have Richard Thompson's ..Keep Your Distance.., normally a driving aggressive up-tempo number. However, here it's given a more reflective treatment, which may take some listeners by surprise at first (and some getting used to), but is no less effective or powerful due to Chidgey's sensitive interpretation of the lyrics. Secondly, all credit to the duo for their performance of the great Kieran Halpin composition, "All the answers", not any easy one to deliver but they capture the sentiment perfectly.
Of the other songs by contemporary songwriters, the one that stands out is the evocative ballad, "Where the angels sleep" (written by American Bebo Norman but picked up from the singing of Martyn Joseph), Robert Atkins "Writ in water" (a song about a character he met when working for the Baptist Church in France in the 1990s) and Peter Jagger's "Trader Johns". Handley's instrumental compositions "Wandering Piper and Brown Little Pipit", are wrapped seamlessly around Chidgey's excellent delivery of Jimmy McCarthy's composition, "Ride on", to stunning effect. She has written or arranged around half the tracks on the CD, including the title track (a rare vocal duet) and "Bonnie Bessie Logan", one that Chidgey picked up from his time living in the Scottish Border country.
There are a couple of Welsh tracks thrown in for good measure. Handley composed the opening air, "Y Deri Fach" and the CD closes with her traditional arrangement of "Ar Lan Y Mo"r, on which she supplements her outstanding instrumental performance with a sound vocal accompaniment.

When I reviewed their first CD I wrote that I eagerly look forward to the duo's next offering. It's taken a bit longer than expected but well worth the wait. "A Journey" is a fine collection of which they can be proud and sees them moving from strength to strength. What really makes this CD work, however, is the feeling, passion and clear enunciation that are the hallmarks of Chidgey's voice and Handley's playing.

Folk on Tap Review of "In the Tradition" our first recording

"Two amazing musicians have produced this CD upon which every single track is worthy of note. The CD is an accurate reflection of their incredible live performance and includes some great songs and a set of tunes in a most entertaining mixture. The total accuracy and quality of Catherines playing, along with the beautiful timbre of Huws voice means that this is one CD that I would wish every one to have in their collection".

A slightly flute-biased review but then it is in the British Flute Society's Dec.mag!
"This recording comprises 11 songs, written in the most part by the performers. The CD cover shows flute & guitar, though this is by no means a flute & guitar duo CD. I would describe this primarily as a vocal album, featuring a number of accompanying instruments, though the flute features with duos with the voice on most tracks. The musical style is folk, & although I am not ordinarily a particular fan of folk music, I found it enjoyable to listen to. The songs are catchy & lyrical, & well performed. The flute playing is polished & effortless; at times beautiful & moving, at other times giving us a glimpse of Catherine Handley's technical prowess. Huw Chidgey's voice is captivating throughout. I would recommend this CD to anyone interested in exploring the world of folk music & the use of the flute within it.
"Carla Rees.